Quadraspire Q-Plus Advanced

What we Say:

These clever Quadraspire Q-Plus Advanced isolation feet mimic the performance of a Quadrapsire SVT HiFi rack.

If you don’t have an SVT, then three or four of these placed under the feet of your components give you the performance lift of SVT.

They are hand built in the Quadraspire factory near Bath, and look the part.

So, where a HiFi cabinet is not an option, try these acoustic isolation feet. They will have the same results – taking away unwanted energy and ensuring a superb sound.

There are three sets of feet in the Q-Plus range; Advanced are in the middle of the range.

You can read more about the Q-Plus Advanced feet here https://quadraspire.co.uk/hifi-supports.html

The Reference version of these feet were recently reviewed by Alan Sircom here https://www.hifiplus.com/articles/quadraspire-qplus-reference-acoustic-interface-feet/

More products from Quadraspire can be found on their page here https://dnaaudio.co.uk/product_brand/quadraspire/

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What they say:


Where one of our HiFi racks is not an option, transform your furniture into a HiFi rack using a Qplus acoustic supports. HiFi components can produce and absorb energy that has a detrimental effect on sound. Our Qplus acoustic supports are designed to mimic our racks that reduce resonance to deliver a clearer, cleaner musical performance. Please note that the Qplus is not designed for use under speakers. For speaker support please use our QX7 or QC sound enhancers.