Rega Apollo CD (Compact Disc) player

Rega Apollo CD player.


What we Say:

The Rega Apollo is a high quality entry level CD player. It is a standalone top loading CD player in a half width case. It is the 1st model in range. The other two models are the Saturn-R and the ISIS. Because of the small size it can sit alongside the Brio amplifier. The apollo feels substantial when you pick it up thanks to the high quality aluminium casework and substantial linear power supply contained inside. The Apollo is minimalist in approach with basic functions on the front panel along with a display. On the rear the Apollo has analogue output on single ended RCA connectors. It also has digital outputs on optical and RCA connectors. If you want a player with the highest performance at a low price point look no further.

The new curved fascia Apollo matches the Brio Amplifier and  Aria Phono stage. It featuring the same Digital to Analogue converter as their award winning DAC. The top loading mechanism is simple to use, it also comes complete with a remote control handset. The Rega Apollo is guaranteed to get the best out of your CD collection. A great value for money piece of Hi-Fi equipment made in the UK.

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What they say:

Apollo CDP

The new Apollo CDP’s uses the same electronic circuit found in the hugely successful Apollo-R CD player. Re-housed in our latest custom aluminium case to match the new styling of the Brio amplifier, the Apollo utilises Rega’s own custom chipset and software offering a truly unique level of performance.

Product Details

Analogue & digital outputs
Development of the analogue, digital and control domains ensured direct improvements of both analogue and digital outputs making the Apollo  a perfect partner for the Rega Brio amplifier and an ideal ‘CD format’ front-end for the Rega DAC.

Compact case design
The Apollo is housed in our latest custom half-width case to match the Brio amplifier.
The top loading mechanism offers ease of use and unrivaled reliability.


Digital to analogue conversion
The output amplifier of the Apollo uses the high specification Wolfson WM8742 digital to analogue converter, the same integrated circuit found in the multi-award winning Rega DAC’s.

Power supplies
The Apollo uses ‘digital’ power supplies feeding the CD processor, optical block and laser diode amplifier.
This is achieved by using the same high performance, low noise power supplies found in the same location within the Rega reference CD player. This vastly improves the playability, error correction and the ‘inner core’ processing of the digital CD ‘spinner’ part of the Apollo.

Output amplifier
The discrete output amplifier has a THD of 0.0025%, whilst at the same time improving the overall sound quality of the output amplifier.

User interface
The user interface is controlled by using a dedicated display micro-processor, which eases the workload on the main control processors giving an improvement in the control code stability, usability and improved speed of initialisation of the disc being played.

Dedicated CD mini system remote control
A new dedicated CD remote handset is supplied as standard which also has the advantage of Rega amplifier functionality.

Technical Specification

  • High Specification Wolfson WM8742 DAC
  • Advanced Output amplifier circuit
  • Advanced Digital power supplies
  • Intelligent user interface
  • Advanced Analogue & Digital outputs
  • CD remote with amplifier functionality
  • Dimensions W 220mm x D 342mm x H 90mm
  • Shelf  height required to operate CD lid fully extended is 170mm
  • NB. Lid will operate comfortably within a shelf height of 150mm without fully extending.

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