The Chord Company have been designing award-winning audio and video cables in England since 1985. The Chord Company philosophy is that cables are not and never have been just an accessory. They are a vital part of any system. Choosing the right cable is more important today than it has ever been. The correct interconnect, power or speaker cable can transform the listening experience.

Staffed by a dedicated team of music fans, music makers, film-lovers and gamers, the company has grown steadily in size. From a purpose-built HQ near historic Stonehenge in Wiltshire, the company has become internationally renowned. The products offer high-performance, value-for-money products to suit any level of system or budget.

Chord make a number of ranges, within each one you will find a wide range of cables. The cable types are analogue audio, digital audio, speaker cable, power cables and networking cables.

The Hierarchy goes as follows. Chord C-Line, Chord Clearway, Chord Shawline, Chord Epic, Chord Signature and Chord Music. We stock cables from the first 4 ranges (C-Line to Epic).

The Chord company cables are available with a wide range of connection types as follows. Analogue interconnects are available with RCA or Din connectors for single ended applications and XLR connectors for balanced connections. RCA – DIN and DIN to RCA are available if you require it also.

Speaker cables are available factory terminated with Chord Ohmic 4mm banana plugs or spades, we can also terminate them at DNA, our usual connector type is a 4mm Z-plug which works with all of the brand we stock.

Digital cables such as SPDIF can be terminated with RCA or for the best performance BNC.

Chord Company

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