Alistair Gladstone

When I was around 8 years old, I heard the riff from ‘Satisfaction’ from my Dad’s ‘High Tide and Green Grass’ album and remember thinking ‘I don’t know what that is…but it sounds amazing’.

I’ve loved music ever since; from Captain Beefheart to John Coltrane via Plastikman and Tom Waits, if it sounds like a piano being thrown down some stairs, and as long as the production values are there, I’m probably a fan.

I worked for several years at a electronics manufacturing plant in Bradford, and I’m exceptionally proud to be part of the supply chain for British-made audio equipment.

I am a sometime guitarist in the David Lynch inspired band ‘The Red Room’ where my set of pedals allows me to cover up my obvious limitations on the Gretsch.

First LP bought: The Hurting by Tears for Fears on cassette, 1983

First concert: Marillion at Newcastle City Hall, 1986

Last LP bought: Hot Buttered Soul by Isaac Hayes

First Hi-Fi: Technics separates 1989


Darren Green 

When I was growing up my dad was always into music and hi-fi. I even went to the Harrogate hi-fi show in the late seventies which my dad looks back very fondly on due to the abundance of large Tannoy speakers there. As a result of this I have never needed persuading that hi-fi is worth it, anyone can hear the difference. 

When work experience came I contacted Erricks in Bradford who were the local Linn and Naim dealer.  I loved my week there and at the age of 16 sold my first system.

University beckoned and a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering culminated in an audio based final year project. This was followed by a job interview and a job offer from Naim.  

The pull of Yorkshire proved too much so Hi-fi was exchanged for set top box engineering at Pace where i worked on audio, video and EMC. 

I then spent 3 years working for a Naim retailer in Manchester. 

For the last 9 years I have been teaching Engineering to Secondary school students and never miss an opportunity to squeeze a bit of audio theory into my lessons.

First album: Pink Floyd, Animals

First Concert: Happy Mondays at Queens Hall Bradford.

Last record bought: Aphex twin 

First Hi-Fi: 

Linn LP12/Grace 707/A&R P77

Audiolab 8000A

Denon DRM20HX

Denon DCD910

Kef C35

Target TT5

Linn K20