Darren Green 

When I was growing up my dad was always into music and hi-fi. I even went to the Harrogate hi-fi show in the late seventies which my dad looks back very fondly on due to the abundance of large Tannoy speakers there. As a result of this I have never needed persuading that hi-fi is worth it, anyone can hear the difference. 

When work experience came I contacted Erricks in Bradford who were the local Linn and Naim dealer.  I loved my week there and at the age of 16 sold my first system.

University beckoned and a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering culminated in an audio based final year project. This was followed by a job interview and a job offer from Naim.  

The pull of Yorkshire proved too much so Hi-fi was exchanged for set top box engineering at Pace where i worked on audio, video and EMC. 

I then spent 3 years working for a Naim retailer in Manchester. 

For the last 9 years I have been teaching Engineering to Secondary school students and never miss an opportunity to squeeze a bit of audio theory into my lessons.

First album: Pink Floyd, Animals

First Concert: Happy Mondays at Queens Hall Bradford.

Last record bought: Aphex twin 

First Hi-Fi: 

Linn LP12/Grace 707/A&R P77

Audiolab 8000A

Denon DRM20HX

Denon DCD910

Kef C35

Target TT5

Linn K20