Naim Nait 5 SI

What we Say:

The NAIT 5 SI is one of Naim’s NAIT (Naim Audio Integrated) single-box amplifier solutions. It’s a true high-end unit, a consummate solution at a great price. Lauded and awarded by the critics, 5 SI continues Naim’s legendary integrated product range. It features a headphone socket amongst it’s outputs, so it’s a really flexible unit too.

Producing 60W into 8 ohms, NAIT 5 SI packs a punch. Get in touch with us to hear for yourself.

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What they say:

The NAIT 5si is our 60W per channel introduction to high-performance integrated amplification. Another Naim Audio amplifier that can claim a common heritage with our classic NAIT model, the NAIT 5si will get straight to the heart of your music. It engages even the most complex rhythms and demanding dynamics with all the grip and authority you would expect from us. Its clever AV bypass mode, which facilitates an easy co-existence of otherwise distinct AV and hi-fi systems, simply adds to its appeal.

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